Below is a list of helpful website, podcasts, etc for or about home brewing.  If you would like to add to this list, drop us a line via the contact form.


The Homebrew Guru – Scott Russell is the author of the popular North American Clonebrews, and  co-wrote the Seven Barrel Brewery Brewers’ Handbook with the late Greg Noonan.  He was a feature writer and regular columnist for Brew Your Own Magazine for a number of years, and has been brewing his own beer, making mead, wine and cyder since 1990. In addition, Scott is a National Beer Judge, certified by the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP), and can be found working at the Lebanon Brew Shop in Lebanon, NH.

The Mad Fermentationist – Mike Tonsmeire is the author of American Sour Beers and does informative, somewhat controlled, experiments with different ingredients and techniques.


Let’s Talk Beer – Brian and Ben are hitting the road talking with brewers and beer personalities from around the globe. You will also be treated to episodes of Let’s Talk Beer’s evil twin, Let’s Not Talk Beer, where we interview the same people about everything except beer. Crack open a cold one and enjoy.

Experimental Brewing – Plug your ears up and listen to Denny and Drew yammer on about the wackiness of beer science and the science of beer wackiness!

Harpy Hour – This biweekly podcast is a rambling exploration of the world of women and alcohol — mostly brewing — as the host travels the world to seek out fearless females who are making their mark in the world of beer, wine or spirits.


BrewTV – Brewing TV’s mission is to cover the world of homebrewing through the magic of video. Brewing TV is a place where different communities can connect and hear about what homebrewing has been, what it is, and where it is going. Brewing TV is a voice for homebrewing culture … the “why,” not the “how.”

Basic Brewing – Basic Brewing is the home of Basic Brewing Radio™ and Basic Brewing Video™, the podcasts that help both beginning and advanced brewers improve their homebrew. Hosted by James Spencer  and Steve Wilkes.

Gadgets, Goodies & Gizmos

Beer Labelizer – Online tool to create and print your own beer labels.